Again, thousands of liters of Cap Tikus to the noisy exhaust were destroyed by the North Sulawesi Regional Police

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Confiscated evidence that was destroyed by the North Sulawesi Regional Police, Friday (16/04/2021) afternoon (photo: special)

Manado, BERITA SULUT – The North Sulawesi Police destroyed various types of evidence as a result of raids and routine police operations, which were held in the Megamas Manado area, to be precise at the Kasih tree complex, Friday (16/04/2021) afternoon.

The evidence destroyed consisted of 16,185.6 liters of Cap Tikus alcoholic drinks and 4,938 bottles of plastic bottles.

Then 181 bottles of alcoholic drinks of various brands, 50 noisy exhausts, and 21 sharp weapons consisting of badik knives, spears, samurai swords, machetes, wayer arrows, throwers and crossbows.

The Head of North Sulawesi Police, Inspector General of Police, Nana Sudjana, in a written speech read by the Deputy Chief of Police, Brigadier General Pol Rudi Darmoko, said that the destruction of evidence had obtained legal force in its handling.

“Destruction of evidence is at the same time to have a positive impact on law enforcement in general, and minimize the possibility of embezzlement of evidence,” he said.

He continued, the North Sulawesi Regional Police would like to express their gratitude and highest appreciation to all parties who have helped the Police, especially the North Sulawesi Regional Police, in creating a conducive social security situation.

“Hopefully the circulation of drugs, alcoholic drinks and other social security precautions can be suppressed with preemptive, preventive police efforts and the last resort is law enforcement,” concluded the Deputy Chief of Police.

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